The Journey To Fit & Fabulous


“Saachi Bhasin”, the name sounds familiar right? You must have seen her pictures on several occasions in newspapers or magazines or on hoardings modelling for different brands around Kolkata but have you cared to know how she reached there? I’m sure not. She has attained a lot at a very young age but that doesn’t really mean it was all easy for her. No career option is easy and it takes a lot of hard work and determination to reach the position where Saachi has reached today.

“I never really had the intention of getting into modelling. I was very fond of cameras since the beginning but I never took it seriously. I was really overweight. Being overweight came with a myriad of health complications which made me want to focus on losing weight. I started following a balanced diet and shed quite a few kilos. As I lost weight and became healthier, people started noticing me. I was approached by a lady in Quest mall who wanted me to model for her brand and after a bit of background search on her, I accepted her offer. That was the turning point in my life. I was really nervous and didn’t know how to go about it but it was exciting for me at the same time. I was quite sceptical about the whole thing but it ended up being successful. I had so much fun doing it. After that, people started approaching me for more and more photo shoots and eventually I got calls from renowned and established brands such as Vodafone, Mahindra Finance, Ritu Kumar, Vogue and H&M. I also was fortunate enough to be the cover girl for India Today twice, along with getting casted for a short film and a TVC for Pantaloons. These have been some of my exclusive assignments.

None of this was served on a silver platter to me. Initially, it was very difficult for me, specially because I wasn’t quite aware on how to pose like a model per say. The worst feeling was when people started losing faith in me and taunted me for getting into this field. But there were some people who encouraged me for what I did and that’s what kept me going. Just like every new-comer, I was expected to learn things at a quicker pace and prove myself. I’m not into ramp walking but when I did my first walk, there was this senior of mine who made me really nervous about the whole thing. Just when I was about to go for my walk she came up to me and whispered things to me that made me feel quite nervous about the whole ordeal. She asked me to take care and be conscious of my heels so that they don’t shake. She told me to not think about the Vogue and Elle editors sitting right out there and to not trip or fall. Even though I see her reason behind telling me all this, I feel like it wasn’t needed at the time. I however, did manage to put this aside and focus on nailing it so that I could prove myself to her and others. Even when I’m doing print modelling I witness a lot of politic. There are politics everywhere , plagued by jealousy , but I’ve managed to focus and stay on the path of a positive journey. Once somebody starts getting a decent number of assignments others get hell bent on ruining their career. They can’t see anybody else taking the limelight and snatching their spot in the industry.

The only thing that I would like to say to any aspiring models is that be happy and healthy. I’m not skinny because I feel like it’s not worth the trade off, and I feel healthier and happier being the weight I’m at. Be ambitious but never be too hard on yourself. Just follow your goal and feel good about yourself. The last thing that I would like to say is always have faith in yourself and in what you are doing.

This is a very small step of my journey and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to talk about it. I just want to help people in whatever way I can as that makes me feel happy and content.”


We think that life on the other side of the screen is very fancy and easy but now we know how hard it is to get recognition in this competitive world of ours. Nothing comes easy. One needs to give up a lot of things in order to achieve the path to success.