Story Of A Silent Girl


The new school session began as every year but what made it different that year was when a teacher entered the class and noticed a girl sitting quietly on her own in the corner of the class. Something about the student of class 5 attracted the teacher which was left unnoticed till then. She was a malnourished girl with curly hair whose uniform differed in appearance from others. It was all crushed and seemed to be very old. But that didn’t make much a difference to the teacher and she grew a certain interest in that particular kid. The feature of the girl that pulled the attention of the teacher was her bright and sparkling eyes. Those eyes had the passion for learning, for growing up and becoming successful in life. The “she” being referred to here is Durgawati Mishra, eldest of the five children of a sick mother and a father who did odd jobs for survival.

With time the teacher discovered that Durgawati had a very sharp brain, a beautiful handwriting and an urge for knowledge which made her the best student of her class. On further interaction with her it was known that she lived in a very poor condition and didn’t even have electricity at her place. Being the eldest child, she had to manage all the household chores and only after finishing them could she make some time out for her studies. She had to finish her studies before dusk due to lack of electricity. After a few months, this teacher along with a few other teachers took an initiative of helping Durgawati in any way they could as she was an extraordinary student. The teachers spoke to the Principal of the school and requested him to make her tuition fees free on the grounds of being a poor and a meritorious student. Their request was accepted and nothing made her happier than this as it was extremely difficult for her parents to pay her school fees. They could barely manage two square meal for themselves. The teachers did everything possible to make her life a bit better. They arranged books, notebooks and even uniform for her. Life took a turn to the brighter side for her and she started doing even better in her studies.

As she reached class 11, she started preparing for various entrance exams that she wanted to clear after completing class 12 from a small but one of the best schools in Shaktinagar, Uttar Pradesh. She couldn’t make it to IIT or NIT but nothing stopped her and she got through a renowned private engineering college in Ghaziabad. Being a hard working and dedicated girl she turned out to be one of the best students even in her college. The help from her school teachers never stopped but this time even her college came to her rescue with scholarships and helped her in completing the four years course in electrical engineering. The first generation learner in the family Durgawati after finishing her B.Tech got a job in Power Grid Corporation of India.

Since then she never had to look back in her life. With her support her four other siblings could also get education. Life was not a smooth journey for her but her determination is what made her stand out and reach her goal. Her story became an inspiration for others in her school and college and she was successful in making her parents proud of her. Having a humble nature added to her positive traits and became another reason for her success. Our society still loathes the birth of a girl child but girls like Durgawati never fail to prove that even girls can achieve success and stand on their feet independently. Even after facing the harshest situations that a person could ever imagine she never gave up.