Isha Rai - Domestic Abuse Survivor


Domestic Violence is a lie. A lie told so blatantly to women who give up their own homes to begin a new life with their husbands, adapting a new lifestyle. Should we tell them that this new house may never feel like a home to them and that this is how it is supposed to be? Should we also tell our daughters that getting threatened, beaten up, slapped or tortured in any other form is a part of thisnew life? It’s a shame that domestic violence is still a reality in India.

Domestic violence is not just physical violence but also takes the form of mental torture. Every third Indian woman suffers from domestic violence. And Isha Rai is one of them. It takes courage to speak up in this society which is still stuck in parochial, patriarchal times, but she defies these age old norms to give voice and strength to all those women who are too scared and terrified to do so themselves or those who have just simply accepted their fate.
No. This is not your fate. Nobody has the right to make you feel less of who you are, whether that person is your husband, relative or your own parent. You have to stand up for yourselves. You deserve true freedom and love. Let nobody come in way of that. FIGHT BACK.

In the next few days, we will take a look at Isha’s story, through videos and articles. Isha wants other women to feel that they are not alone and this is not the end.
We salute you, Isha.

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