I Did It...I Ran Away


I just grab everything i could told them to take me to the bus stop so i could go to the city and see a friend. The night before was hell. It was a 9 hour visit with my Nfather’s Nsibilings. I was instantly shunned as im considered to be the failure because i didnt do high school sports and decided to study math.

They turned me into the maid for the 22 of them. I was told i was worthless by my Nfather multiple times that night for smiling wrong or eating wrong or whatever he felt like inventing next to harp on me for because he was upset at his brother or something which was typical for him but tonight was particularly bad for him. My Nmother just kept telling me its just how it is and i need to let things go.

Meanwhile they decided to go buy tickets to a local hockey game and sent my cousin and brother because they deserved to take a load off as they drunk themselves silly for the rest of the night……. meanwhile im washing everyones dishes alone while everyone avoids my gaze or smile…. when i finally came home i just went to bed got up and asked to be taken to the bus so i could see a friend…. on the way my mother said that last night theyd decided that the family was shunning because im getting too fat so from now on my tuition payments for university will depend on weekly weigh ins i have to email to them….

i just snaped and burst into tears and let out over a decades worth of pain at once…. i systematically proved to her that shes been a neglectful mother allowing her husband to abuse me and use me as a cheese piece in this superiority game he plays with the family and that ill never been good enough for them like how she says her father never saw her as good enough….. she just shut down and cried… i ran out of the car and onto the bus to the city and didnt look back….. im all alone, im hurting, im scared but for once i can finally taste freedom.


-ebacanni (Via:Reddit)