Fwd: My Failure Resume


Name: Sandeep Kochhar

Profession: StoryTeller, BlewMinds Consulting

My short list of failures:

1. Failed in phy in 8th grade, chem in 11th grade

2. Failed engg entrance exams for one year, struggled in my engineering when I got in :)

3. Failed mba entrance exams for 3 yrs

4. Failed an IIM MBA interview

5. Tried the Gmat for 2 yrs, did not take the exam

6. Lived in a slum in delhi tried hard but could not come out of it for 2yrs

7. Failed the driving licence test, could not learn driving, after taking 3 driving classes trying for several yrs

8. Flunked almost 100 interviews over 16 yrs

9. Lost my savings in the stock market

10. My probation got extended in one of my jobs

11. I was laid off along with the entire team once

12. Failed in 2 startups I started, had to close both down!

13. I was writing for several years, But failed as a writer

14. Last but the most important I failed to save my moms life.


The more we fail the more we learn! The more we succeed! I have updated my profile with my failures! Have you? What is your latest failure? What did you learn from it? Are you scared of failure?