Be A Bulb


Be a #BULB.

In times of darkness, be the light.
Keep failing, but never give up the fight.
The bulb may lose its power once in a while,
Always remember, this is the time you need to go the extra mile.
Cause after a while, failure will lose its power,
And this is the time when your light will overpower!
Always be proud of what you’ve done,
Life is about going from one.

Share this journey with everyone,
Now that you’ve failed, its your time for a second run.
Together we need to share and learn,
Like a bulb, a ray of hope is all we can give in return.
Don’t be afraid of the people around you,
Never take your life, even if you feel there’s nothing else you can do.
We’re all failures in hiding,
Lets break this cage and stop the blinding!

Be a #BULB.
Keep glowing.