An Ode to My Former Guy Bestfriend


High-school crushes and heartbreaks are part of both the best and worst memories that we ever have. In life people keep falling in and out of love but the ones who steal their hearts in high school are always special and remembered. Having a fling in school is the most magical thing but on the other hand, the heartbreaks make people want to forget even the best things that happened in school. Here’s the story of a girl who like most of the teenagers developed feelings for a boy but the problem was that this guy used to be her best friend. It hurts when you lose a friend but it feels devastating when you lose your best friend. It was the same for her and with time depression and solitude became her sole companion. Let’s have a look at what *Pari has to tell us about her journey of failure in saving the friendship with her best friend.

“Class 6 was the turning point in my life. We got a new member in our group and his name was *Sandeep. I never really liked him in the beginning and not just in the beginning but I used to hate him throughout classes 8 and 9. But with time things started to change and our group became more and more compact. Both of our best friends started dating each other and so we thought of striking a conversation too. I got to know him more and once we reached class 10 we became almost inseparable. It’s the duty of every friend to tease their friends when they start getting close to someone from opposite sex and our friends fulfilled the duty wholeheartedly. Sandeep and I started sitting together in class and only teachers had the power to make us sit separately. But the moment they left the classroom we were found to be sitting beside each other immediately. How I miss those days!

We all know that change is the only constant and things changed a bit even between us as he got into a relationship. With the constant nagging of my friends that I like Sandeep and I have feelings for him because I always treated him specially, I reached a point when I realised that my friends were not very wrong. My closest friend *Shikha was the first one to know about my feelings for him. Fights were part and parcel of our lives. But the sweetest thing was that most of the times he used to be the one to come up to and sort things out. Trust me I loved that attention.

But we had to grow up and the next year (class 11) our courses changed and so did our lives. After a fight on a very trivial issue we didn’t speak to each other for three whole months and that marked our first major fight. But he realised that he didn’t have anyone to help him with his studies and so like always he sorted it out even this time. Even after having different courses I was always there to help him with a couple of subjects that we still had in common. In the meantime I had a realisation that I was not merely infatuated to him but I actually liked him. I was a fool to discuss it with one his friends who in turn went and told everything to Sandeep. To my surprise things were still normal and our friendship continued unhampered. In the final year of school something serious happened at his place and as I was very much involved with his family at this time his friends made sure that I was humiliated enough for just being close Sandeep’s family. I kept all of it to myself for a year and on a particular evening when we were confessing few things about each other to each other, I told him about all the humiliation that I had to go through.

After that the solved puzzle of my life started to get disturbed and things turned sour between us. Even then he promised me that he would clear the mess once he got back in town but that never happened. I was blocked from every possible social media and sadly, I never got the closure. It has been more than a year and a half since we haven’t exchanged a single message or spoken to each other. But in all these months I never really lost the hope that one day he would again be the same person that he used to be and sort things out. I was and I still am a girl who is in madly in love with a person who doesn’t even care much about my existence anymore. I still hope to get back the person whom I considered so special back in my life.”

Pari did not really face failure in the generally perceived sense of the term but according to her she failed in saving the friendship which she valued the most. Everyone has lost someone who was once very dear to them and it’s really hard to cope up with such a loss. But people also need to realise that the loss was not just on side but it was the same on the other side and it only worth cribbing when the other person realises the loss.

*names changed