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Failure is no fun. We feel upset, disappointed, and sometimes even angry and it shuts us down and makes us not want to try anymore, and that’s what leads to true failure. On the other hand, if we can learn to celebrate our failures we might throw our anger and give more experiences to world. A Blog where we encourage people to talk about their failure experiences. so Write down your Failures and you just might Learn something.


Failure is a part of every success story. Every person/organisation who seems so successful, so invincible, has sometime, somewhere failed in something. Sharing failure is also a kind of catharsis helping overcome feeling of guilt which you may have been carrying deep in your heart and of course this can be an awesome learning experience for those who are contemplating something similar.


 At Talk About Failures, it’s all about making connections and sharing experiences. Stories about our personal experiences can awaken our awareness, stretch our hearts, and help us to heal. We aims to do all of these things and to connect with your emotions and the common threads and journeys of the human experience. Here you can see the list of stories which people shared from all over world.

Perfectly Imperfect
My life story? Well. I am a 22 year old fighting new battles everyday. I was born in a family where gender discrimination was valued more than my existence. I
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The Journey To Fit & Fabulous
“Saachi Bhasin”, the name sounds familiar right? You must have seen her pictures on several occasions in newspapers or magazines or on hoardings modelling for different brands around Kolkata but
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40 Seconds Of Horror
Failure comes unannounced and in the most surprising way one can ever imagine. It doesn’t take into account the age of the person. Here’s the story of Debopriyo Bhattacharyya, a
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An Ode to My Former Guy Bestfriend
High-school crushes and heartbreaks are part of both the best and worst memories that we ever have. In life people keep falling in and out of love but the ones
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Story Of A Silent Girl
The new school session began as every year but what made it different that year was when a teacher entered the class and noticed a girl sitting quietly on her
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Mediocrity Of An Average IIT-IIM Aspirant
He is the average student of an average engineering college. He is the one, who has been feeling remorse for not making it to IIT. Even if he had never
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Dream Shop To Disaster
My husband and I started an autobody shop about 8 years ago. Thing were going well for the first 4-5 years, gradually increasing profits year after year. Then he decided
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Silicon Valley CEO Beats His Wife While She Records Him
Yesterday Daily Beast released extremely disturbing recordings made by Neha Rastogi, a quality assurance manager, of her husband, Abhishek Gattani, who is CEO of the startup Cuberon. She  made the recordings in the couple’s Santa Clara
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Musuem Of Failure
Welcome to the Museum of Failure, where brand fuck-ups combat the world’s glut of success stories! Green Heinz ketchup? Fat-free Pringles? Colgate frozen lasagna? You don’t need to be an
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Be A Bulb
Be a #BULB. In times of darkness, be the light. Keep failing, but never give up the fight. The bulb may lose its power once in a while, Always remember,
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I Did It…I Ran Away
I just grab everything i could told them to take me to the bus stop so i could go to the city and see a friend. The night before was
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Letter From Eve Branson
I am where I am today because I have been allowed to fail. Learning from failure builds character, and teaches us so much more than not trying ever will. But don’t
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