40 Seconds Of Horror


Failure comes unannounced and in the most surprising way one can ever imagine. It doesn’t take into account the age of the person. Here’s the story of Debopriyo Bhattacharyya, a theatre artist in Kolkata who once had to face a situation which on one hand made him give up all his expectations from life but simultaneously on the other hand left an imprint on him which helped him grow into one the finest theatre actors in the city.

“I’m into theatre and acting in general and I also take interest in writing. I’m more or less known in my circuit for whatever I do. However, things haven’t been exactly smooth sailing. I still remember my first stage performance. I was in the 6th grade and I was asked to perform in an open mic in front of  120 people who were basically dwellers of an old-age home. It was a charity event and I was asked to do the thing I knew I would be able to. 40 seconds into the performance and I was forgetting things. I lasted there hardly for a minute before banging the metal mesh of the mic on my forehead. I went off the stage almost in tears.

The teacher who was in-charge wasn’t particularly helpful. I had to tolerate her jibes and taunts for almost a year or so before she mastered the art of letting go off things. I had decided that I was never going to go on stage again. Fast forward 6 years, I was hosting the much venerated school fest of ours in front of an alien audience. Fast forward 2 more years I am now a confident performer when it comes to acting or hosting. I’ve done over 6 public shows and I intend to continue doing so. The metal mesh has an imprint on me that I’ll probably never find.”

Had he made the final decision of not getting up on stage ever again I am sure nobody other than the people of Kolkata would have been at a loss. He has performed in a lot of shows around the city and has been successful in gaining sheer recognition and love from his audience. He has surely taught everyone a lesson of never giving up in life by narrating his story using the most beautiful words.